Budget 2007


Personal Income Tax

National Insurance Contributions


Savings & Investments


Capital Gains Tax

Stamp Duty Land Tax

Inheritance Tax

Corporation Tax

Business Tax

Value Added Tax

Other Measures

Tax Tables

National Insurance

National Insurance Contributions

Rates and limits (Table D)

The percentage rates of NIC paid by individuals remain unchanged. There are small decreases in the rates paid by employers who offer their employees a contracted-out pension scheme.

The bands at which the rates change (the Primary Threshold and Upper Earnings Limit) increase this year in line with inflation. In April 2008 there will be a substantial increase in the UEL and from April 2009 it will be aligned with the 40% threshold for income tax. This represents a tax increase because more earnings will be charged to NIC at the higher rates (9.4% or 11% for employees, 8% for self-employed) and less at 1%.

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